3 Insider Secrets to Financial Success

How to budget your way to 6-figures like a pro and live a life you love (without having to give up your latte!)

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  • 6th July 2021 7pm (AEST)
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6 July 2021

7.00  PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)


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In this FREE Masterclass, you'll learn:

Learn the secrets behind my financial success! By age 23, I paid off $30,000 of student debt, saved over $100,000 and grew my net worth to 6-figures. I've also never carried any credit card debt, paid for a wedding and honeymoon, supported my family on a modest single income, bought a car with cash and travelled around Europe for a year. No help from my parents. No lottery winnings. No inheritance. No rich husband. Just me and the secrets I'm about to teach you.

Secret #1

How to make a realistic budget you can actually stick to while still enjoying your life along the way

Secret #2

Why you should never create a monthly budget if you want to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck

Secret #3

The trick to knowing exactly where your money really goes and fall in love with budgeting (yes, it's possible!)

Living with a budget doesn't have to be miserable.

Whether you're brand new to budgeting or you've tried and failed at it multiple times, it's no surprise that being in control of your money gives you the option to live and enjoy your life. 

Life is way too short and too precious to be spent constantly worrying and stressing about money. And it's way too short to be in tears over your budget because it's too overwhelming and frustrating.

You're trying to control your spending but you can't stick to your budget. You spend money anyway and feel really guilty about it.

But what if I told you that you can be super successful with your budget without resorting to tears or pulling your hair out. 

It doesn't have to be torture. And you don't have to be miserable. You can reach your financial goals and you can buy the damn latte! 

Join me to learn the insider secrets to not only budgeting successfully for years to come, but discovering how you can learn to love your budget and your life at the same time.

This Masterclass is a must attend if...

  • You're tired of struggling with budgeting and feeling like a failure every time you can't stick to your budget (which is most of the time);
  • You're ready to start budgeting but it's just all so overwhelming and confusing. You don't know where to start so you just don't;
  • You want to get your finances in order and say "goodbye!" to constantly being stressed and anxious about money;
  • You want to get a solid financial foundation in place so that one day you can quit your soul sucking 9-5 and never look back;
  • You're. note currently investing and building your wealth, but you want to get there as soon as possible.

Hi, I'm Priya!

Your Masterclass Host:

Priya Karan

I know what it's like to worry about money. But with the unique system I created for myself, I've also experienced amazing financial success. And now, I just get to enjoy my life while still crushing my financial goals.

I'm a professional Chartered Accountant (CPA / CA) & analyst with over a decade of experience managing money for billion dollar companies. As I studied for my finance degree, I started applying what I was learning to my own life and finances. 

The result of my unique system was astounding! I stayed out of debt and grew a 6-figure net worth by age 23,  while paying off student debt and supporting my family on a single income.

In my first ever masterclass, I'm going to teach you the secrets to successfully budgeting while enjoying your life that I learned through years of hard work and experience. 

See you there!

What people are saying about Priya...

Back to the basics!

I love that she starts her podcast with going over basic information like credit cards and budgeting! A lot of people don't even implement those basic things into their life. Then she starts getting into more advanced info like basic investing and financial independence numbers. Can't wait to see what else she puts out!

Rachel Wattleworth Girl on FIRE Listener

Awesome podcast

Priya breaks down everything and makes it so easy to understand. She makes you really believe retiring early is possible for you too! One of my top 5 podcast!

Leslie Echavarria Girl on FIRE listener

Solid financial advice

Even though I'm a bit older (47) than your average listeners, I'm a total noob when it comes to investing, financial freedom and am very far away from FIRE at the moment. BUT, I hope that will change sooner than later thanks to Priya and all the wonderful advice she's giving on this podcast. She's covering all the bases (read: basics) and is also giving away tools that will help build our financial independence. Keep it up Priya, 5 stars for you!

Manuel B Girl on FIRE Listener

Can't wait for more!

Finally someone with the credentials and experience with money to back up what they say, really good start and can’t wait for more. Shared the podcast with my wife as she always says there isn’t any female specific advice out there and she was pleasantly surprised. Keep it up because we are both listening!

Dante Flame IT Technician

Money advice that brings joy

If you want motivation and good advice towards financial freedom, Girl On Fire delivers on all fronts. She not only talks the talk, she has a finance background and shares with you her hindsight from her real life experiences. Girl on Fire is relatable. Her content will make you enjoy talking about money and make you feel empowered to make the right financial choices.

Cheryl Mahinay Buying Assistant

She is very genuine and transparent

This podcast has been a game changer for me during my journey to financial freedom. She is very genuine and transparent about the mindset that it takes to achieve FIRE. I love her passion for helping women become financially independent and it really shows through all the amazing resources she provides. Her budget worksheet helped me start on the right path to get there. I like the she loves to get feedback from her listeners so that she can generate content they want to see or hear in the future! I personally have recommended her podcast to so many of my female friends and even promoted in my non-profit organisation.

Maria Belen Barrera Girl on FIRE Listener

You’re truly a blessing to all women

Your podcasts popped up on my phone a few days ago and I’m catching up, I’m already on episode 17! I absolutely love it. You’re truly a blessing to all women who are wondering stuff and you’re so mindful towards everything. Thank you for all you do!

Abigayle Pennington Law Student

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Masterclass Session
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  • 6th July 2021 7pm (AEST)
  • 7th July 2021  7pm (AEST)
  • 14th July 2021 7pm (AEST)