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Show notes 🎙 This week, we’re talking about how to save up for anything (and everything) you want, no matter what your income level is. Sinking funds are a great way to set aside money for all your life goals so that you can build the life you want without having to struggle from paycheck to paycheck or rely on debt and credit cards. But what are sinking funds, how do they work and how can you incorporate them into your financial foundation? 🤔 This episode discusses topics like: What sinking funds are and how they work; How sinking funds

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Show notes 🎙 This week, we’re talking about how wealth and income are different things. And having a high income doesn’t necessarily mean that you have wealth. This is a super important distinction especially on social media where we’re all vulnerable to the comparison game. But if your income doesn’t make you wealthy, then what does? 🤔 This episode discusses topics like: The difference between wealth and income and how they interact in your financial plan; Why high incomes are often mistaken for wealth or “being rich”; and How the confusion between income and wealth becomes a breeding ground for

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Show notes🎙 This week, I’m giving you a ton of food for thought. We’re talking about financial infidelity — what it is, when it happens, why it’s so bad and why A LOT of people think it’s worse than cheating. But we’re also going to take a good look at the concept of financial infidelity and discuss whether it’s really that bad. 🤔This episode discusses topics like:What financial infidelity is, why it’s so damaging to relationships and when it’s likely to occur;How to combat the likelihood of falling victim to financial infidelity and what that means for your finances; andWhether

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Show Notes 🎙 This episode has the power to change your life. Once you learn this, you can’t unlearn it and you’ll be seeing it everywhere. In this episode, I talk about opportunity cost and what that means for your finances. But I also talk about how it reflects what your freedom is worth. The financial choices you make have more than just a financial impact. And I’m not just talking about your carbon footprint. 🤔 This episode discusses topics like: What opportunity cost means and why it’s a fundamental concept of modern economics; How to see the opportunity cost

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Show Notes 🎙 It’s super important to pay off your high interest debt before you start investing and then continue paying off your debt while you’re investing. But paying off debt isn’t easy. And the longer it takes, the more returns you sacrifice in the market. But there is hope! This episode goes through some successful strategies you can use to pay off your debt smarter and faster so that you can start investing sooner and watch your money grow. But what are those strategies, and how do they work? 🤔 This episode discusses topics like: Why making only the

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Show notes 🎙 Budgeting may be the foundation you need to start investing and building real, lasting wealth. But it’s often seen as a chore that no one wants to spend time on. It’s easy to keep making excuses and believing the myths that tell you budgeting isn’t going to work for you. But those myths are keeping you broke, keeping you miserable and stopping you from building the life of your dreams. It’s time to bust those myths and stop making excuses. 🤔 This episode discusses topics like: The #1 excuse I hear about why people don’t like budgeting

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When a woman is in control of her money, she's in control of her life. She has the power to change her  life and live on her terms. She has the power to change the lives of those she loves and those around her. And, she has the power to make a difference and change the world. That's why I'm a firm believer that financial empowerment and education should be available to all women. Let's close the gender wealth gap, one woman at a time. So that you can live the life you were meant to live.

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I'm not just someone who plays with spreadsheets. I'm a Chartered Accountant and an Analyst with years of education and experience in finance. I believe in being the best at what I do, so that I can make the best  products for my customers.


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All the financial tools I've designed have come from personal necessity. That means I've road-tested each of them in my own life, so I know how life changing they are.

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I'm a firm believer that women everywhere deserve to be financially empowered. You don't have to be wealthy to have access to financial education and the right tools.