Girl on FIRE

By Priya

Girl on FIRE is a podcast helping women navigate their way through financial independence and retiring early. We talk about how to invest, what to invest in and how to grow your wealth so that you can continue living a life you love without going broke - even in retirement. We also discuss the unique issues and challenges that we face as women when building real wealth. Weekly episodes are hosted by budgeting and personal finance expert, Priya Rose Valentine. With over a decade of experience working as a finance professional, she's sharing what she learns on her own journey to FIRE. Finally, an investing podcast for women, by women!


Latest Episodes:

September 13, 2021

🎙 This week, I’m giving you a ton of food for thought. We’re talking about financial infidelity — what it is, when it happens, why it’s so bad and why A LOT of people think it’s worse than cheating. But we’re also going to take a good look at the concept of financial infidelity and discuss whether it’s really that bad. 🤔

Is Financial Infidelity Really As Bad As It Sounds? (Episode #37)

September 6, 2021

🎙 This episode is quite different to other episodes on this show. It’s a call to action to remind you not to waste the opportunities you get to make choices for your own life and your own future. Because that’s what Afghan women have faced in the past in the wake of Taliban control. And we’re about to watch history repeat itself from the safety of our living rooms. 🤔

The Choices We Make & the Chances We Get (Episode #36)

August 30, 2021

🎙 In part 4, the final part of this series, we’re looking at non-financial factors that can make or break a stock market investment. When picking stocks, it’s important to consider not only the company leadership team, but also the political and economic factors where the company operates. These factors will impact the returns you can earn on your investment. 🤔

How to Pick Stocks to Invest in (Part 4: Non-Financial Factors) (Episode #35)

August 23, 2021

🎙 In part 3 of this series, we’re looking at how to determine whether a company is solvent and liquid — meaning whether it can pay it’s bills and isn’t secretly broke. Knowing the difference will give you peace of mind that your money is invested in a safe company. But how can you determine the financial security of potential investment options? 🤔

How to Pick Stocks to Invest in (Part 3: Financial Security) (Episode #34)

August 16, 2021

🎙 In part 2 of this series, we’re looking at some of the key ratios you need to be aware of when you’re learning how to pick stocks. We’ll focus on some of the key profitability and valuation ratios like EPS, P/E ratio and return on equity. These help investors determine whether or not a company is a good investment choice for their investing strategy. 🤔

How to Pick Stocks to Invest in (Part 2: Profitability & Valuation) (Episode #33)

August 9, 2021

🎙 Picking stocks to invest in is not an easy task. There’s a lot that goes into it and it carries more risk than a well diversified ETF. But when done correctly, picking individual stocks to invest in is a great way to boost your wealth. But how do you go about picking stocks? And why do you need to be able to understand a company’s financial statements? 🤔

How to Pick Stocks to Invest in (Part 1: Understanding Financial Statements) (Episode #32)

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My mission

When a woman is in control of her money, she's in control of her life. She has the power to change her  life and live on her terms. She has the power to change the lives of those she loves and those around her. And, she has the power to make a difference and change the world. That's why I'm a firm believer that financial empowerment and education should be available to all women. Let's close the gender wealth gap, one woman at a time. So that you can live the life you were meant to live.

professional tools

I'm not just someone who plays with spreadsheets. I'm a Chartered Accountant and an Analyst with years of education and experience in finance. I believe in being the best at what I do, so that I can make the best  products for my customers.


You can go 100% digital with my products and save some trees. Or, if you prefer to print on demand, you won't be paying for packaging or shipping which reduces your carbon footprint.

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All the financial tools I've designed have come from personal necessity. That means I've road-tested each of them in my own life, so I know how life changing they are.

great value for money

I'm a firm believer that women everywhere deserve to be financially empowered. You don't have to be wealthy to have access to financial education and the right tools.