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Financial Mess to Money Success is the ultimate step-by-step process proven to help you master your money, take control of your finances and live the life you deserve (without the confusion & overwhelm).

By the end of this course, you can say 'goodbye!' to constantly being stressed and worried about money. Instead, you'll experience the ultimate peace of mind that comes with true financial security. 

You'll be confident in your ability to make financial decisions. And you'll be saving more than ever and on your way to becoming debt free. But here's the best part - you won't have to give up everything you love. 

Financial Mess to Money Success will teach you to master the core financial concepts that'll allow you to enjoy your life, spend with freedom (and ditch the guilt!) and live the life of your dreams.

Financially Stressed / Just Making Ends Meet
Financially      Comfortable Comfortable 

Based on data collected by the Melbourne Institutes' Pulse of the Nation Survey, about 63% of women are experiencing financial stress or are just making ends meet. 

Only 37% of women feel financially comfortable. And that's not enough. After completing Financial Mess to Money Success, you'll go from feeling stressed and barely scraping by to being financially comfortable and ready to live the life you deserve.

The content in this course will be released weekly - one module per week. This is to help you stay focused while avoiding overwhelm. 

Over the next 7 weeks, you'll learn:

  • Module 1: How to discover the hidden truth about the way you spend your money
  • Module 2: How to set clear financial goals and boost your chances of success
  • Module 3: How to budget your income to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle
  • Module 4: How to manage your money with a simple but powerful budget calendar
  • Module 5: How to budget for your bills and expenses while still enjoying life
  • Module 6: 3 simple steps to budget for saving money & eliminating debt
  • Module 7: Understand your money: the powerful step of reconciling and analysing your budget

The modules below are ready and waiting for you!

Financial Mess to Money Success

Welcome to Financial Mess to Money Success!

4 lessons

Start Here! FMMS New Student Orientation

How to Get Instant Momentum

The Financial Mess to Money Success Roadmap

The Financial Mess to Money Success Project Plan

About your coach


Priya is a professional Chartered Accountant (CPA / CA) & analyst with over a decade of experience managing money for billion dollar companies. As she studied for her finance degree, she started applying what she was learning to her own life and finances.

The result of her unique system was astounding! She stayed out of debt and grew a 6-figure net worth by age 23,  while paying off student debt and supporting her family on a single income. Now, she’s planning to retire early by 45.

She also hosts the popular podcast, Girl on FIRE, where she hopes to make investing and personal finance education available to all women. 

Priya lives in Sydney, Australia (one of the most expensive cities in the world!) with her husband. She's a spender at heart with an impressive stationery collection. She loves travelling, reading and eats waaaay to much chocolate.