PMC Book Club


Crazy Rich Asians (April 2021)

by Kevin Kwan

Priya's book review

I love reading books that stay with you long after you've finished them. Whether they cause some profound change in who I am as a person, or they're memorable stories about the lives and cultures of people around the world. 

That's what I expected from this book. I expected it to be fun and lighthearted on the surface. But deep underneath, I expected it to be a commentary of social and familial politics, and the perception of wealth from a culture that's not my one.

But it wasn't and I was left feeling quite disappointed. It was more like a Hallmark movie of regular girl meets Prince and they fall in love even though his family doesn't approve. I kept waiting for it to 'get really good' but it just didn't hit the mark for me. I wanted it to be some kind of expose of wealth and family within Asian culture. 

And, while I did finish this book, I'm glad I didn't invest in the entire trilogy. I don't think I'll be reading those anytime soon. As with You Had Me At Hola (March 2021 book club pick), I appreciated the sprinkling of non-English words and phrases throughout the book. 

It helped the story feel more authentic and infused some culture into the book. However, the translations were all at the end of the chapter in endnotes, which I found really irritating. I got tired of flipping back and forth, so I eventually gave up on the translations.

You Had Me At Hola (March 2021)

by Alexis Daria

Priya's book review

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I thought the representation of Hispanic culture in the US was really nicely done. Although the characters weren't totally relatable, they were charming and the love story was compelling. 

The story had an engaging structure and plot, and the book was quick and easy to read. I didn't find any parts of it to be too slow or boring. The one criticism I had is that there are some phrases in Spanish (which is totally fine and expected in a book like this).

However, they weren't translated to English in the following sentence, so I had to translate it myself. Not a big issue - I like that Spanish was infused into the book, it would have just been nice to have a translation included as well. This book is on the R+ side, too, which I totally didn't expect.

Start With Why (February 2021)

by Simon Sinek

Priya's book review

This is by far one of the best books I've read on entrepreneurship, leadership and  just on life in general. The concept of 'start with why' has become something I see around me everywhere - in the decisions I make for PMC, and even in the way I shop.

There's a reason why Simon Sinek's TED Talk is one of the most watched TED Talks of all time. His arguments are compelling and well reasoned, and he uses a ton of examples to prove his point. 

The only drawback for me was that it felt a little bit repetitive. The book went on forever, even after the point had well and truly be made. 

Mexican Gothic (January 2021)

by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Priya's book review

I really wanted to love this book, but I just didn't. I thought the premise was great but it just took forever for anything to happen. According to my Kindle, I had already read 70% of the book before the story really took off. 

There's a lot of great imagery to go along with the eerie story in this book. It's nicely written and reads very smoothly.

The characters are also pretty interesting and the plot twist was great! But I only finished the book because I had invested so much time in waiting for something to happen. I would have enjoyed it so much more if it was just as compelling in the beginning as it was towards the end.

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