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Girl on FIRE Podcast

with Priya Karan

Girl on FIRE Podcast

Girl on FIRE is a podcast helping women navigate their way through financial independence and retiring early. We talk about how to invest, what to invest in and how to grow your wealth so that you can continue living a life you love without going broke - even in retirement. We also discuss the unique issues and challenges that we face as women when building real wealth. Weekly episodes are hosted by budgeting and personal finance expert, Priya Rose Valentine. With over a decade of experience working as a finance professional, she's sharing what she learns on her own journey to FIRE. Finally, an investing podcast for women, by women! 

Hey there, I'm Priya!

And I don't want to just pay the bills and die.

Paper Money Co - Priya

When I first started budgeting, I didn't know what I was doing. 

I wanted to actually live my life and not just exist to pay the bills. But when I looked online for help, I ended up more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than ever!

Everywhere I looked I was told to follow baby steps and 'just stop spending money'. But that isn't how money works. So, I came up with my own system to understand and take control of my money.

Amazingly, it worked! I paid off $30,000 in student debt, saved over $100,000 towards my goals and grew my net worth to 6-figures - all while supporting our family on a single small income. 

I was in control of my money and in control of my life. Then I started Paper Money Co to teach other women how to take control of their finances and live the life you were meant to live.


What people are saying about Priya...

You’re truly a blessing to all women

Your podcasts popped up on my phone a few days ago and I’m catching up, I’m already on episode 17! I absolutely love it. You’re truly a blessing to all women who are wondering stuff and you’re so mindful towards everything. Thank you for all you do!

Priya is sooo personal and mindful!! Not only is Priya personal and mindful, she’s also empowering and hilarious. She is very humble in her talks and I feel like I’m talking one on one with her.

Priya and I have the same point of view on Dave Ramsey; I was listening to him at first. Including him in my schedule and making sure I listened to him or something from him everyday for almost a year! But, at least once a week, he would put me down and make me feel so useless and like I’ve failed myself- I’m ONLY 20!! With Priya, she lets me know it’s ok for my mistakes and that just listening to her, I’m making and wanting change for myself. She is very uplifting and encouraging.

She doesn’t only worry about money either, she’s also very aware of our emotional state and also our perception of ourselves! She ensures us everyday about our worth and what we deserve.

Abigayle Pennington Law Student

This is a good start for true investment beginners.

I’ve been burning through these episodes while I clean my house. The content is presented in a concise and thorough manner. This is a good start for true investment beginners.


Money advice that brings joy

If you want motivation and good advice towards financial freedom, Girl On Fire delivers on all fronts. She not only talks the talk, she has a finance background and shares with you her hindsight from her real life experiences. Girl on Fire is relatable. Her content will make you enjoy talking about money and make you feel empowered to make the right financial choices.

Cheryl Mahinay Buying Assistant

Solid financial advice

Even though I'm a bit older (47) than your average listeners, I'm a total noob when it comes to investing, financial freedom and am very far away from FIRE at the moment. BUT, I hope that will change sooner than later thanks to Priya and all the wonderful advice she's giving on this podcast. She's covering all the bases (read: basics) and is also giving away tools that will help build our financial independence. Keep it up Priya, 5 stars for you!

Manuel B Girl on FIRE Listener

Knowledgeable and Empowered!!!

Priya's financial advice makes me so much more knowledgeable and empowered financially and personally. I hope that every female listens to this podcast because being financially independent is such an important tool to have. I know I will be teaching my daughters everything I learn from Priya. What I take away from her episodes is the confidence to reach my life goals and keep my family secure. I cannot thank her enough!

Janelle Rodriguez

Awesome podcast

Priya breaks down everything and makes it so easy to understand. She makes you really believe retiring early is possible for you too! One of my top 5 podcast!

Leslie Echavarria Girl on FIRE listener

I’ve made Girl On Fire a part of my routine and love it.

I’ve made Girl On Fire a part of my routine and love it. I try to do one thing everyday to better my financial journey, whether that’s listening to Priya or working on my Budget or cleaning up my notes that I took from my last GOF episode... and I am so excited to have stumbled upon this podcast. She is so easy to listen to, I’m learning so much. Thank you so much for such great content.


Great podcast with tips easy to understand and start to implement right away.

Great podcast with tips easy to understand and start to implement right away.


She explains things at a beginner level.

This podcast is easy to listen to. She explains things at a beginner level.


Back to the basics!

I love that she starts her podcast with going over basic information like credit cards and budgeting! A lot of people don't even implement those basic things into their life. Then she starts getting into more advanced info like basic investing and financial independence numbers. Can't wait to see what else she puts out!

Rachel Wattleworth Girl on FIRE Listener

FI Focused on Women

It's great to see a podcast that addressed financial independence AND women who want to achieve it. Keep the episodes coming Priya !!!!

Althea M. Cooper

She makes stocks easy to digest

I like listening to Priya because she makes stocks easy to digest. I've learned a lot about stocks and look forward to hearing more. She also has a calm yet spirited tone which makes her podcast easy to listen to.

Zara-Maria Stabilio

Can't wait for more!

Finally someone with the credentials and experience with money to back up what they say, really good start and can’t wait for more. Shared the podcast with my wife as she always says there isn’t any female specific advice out there and she was pleasantly surprised. Keep it up because we are both listening!

Dante Flame IT Technician

I feel more empowered to invest more wisely after listening.

This podcast is so informative and easy to understand. I feel more empowered to invest more wisely after listening.


Learnt a lot about investing for beginners

I've been looking for a podcast on investing for beginners particularly with ETFs and where to start. Priya's Girl on FIRE is exactly what I need, she's elaborative and makes it all easy to understand and digest. Love her soothing voice too! I've taken action on a number of her recommendations. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Five stars for sure!


Actionable episodes

I've listened to what feels like hundreds of podcasts about FIRE. And recently tons of them have felt like filler content. Fluff pieces about side hustles that aren't worth your time or hypothetical habits that should help you grow your wealth. This podcast is the complete opposite. Priya gives you tangible steps to improve your portfolio and help you understand your true FIRE number. I'm obsessed with the detail and can't wait to follow her journey to financial freedom.

Kelly McIntyre

Love this podcast!

Love this podcast! Easy to understand and full of great investment strategies and advice.

MKent 8005

It makes understanding investing super easy

I recently was exposed to investing and unfortunately, the person who exposed me really didn’t give much info. I’m super close to retirement and no where near the saving needed. I started listening to “girl on fire” podcast and I love it because it makes understanding investing super easy and I feel more confident in my chooses.

I’ve shared the podcast with my sister because she also needs to learn about investing.

I listen on my walks, runs, lunch(yes unfortunately I’m still working 👎🏽) I plan on retiring before I reach sixty which is like 10 yrs.

Please please keep posting new episodes I feel like a sponge right now and thank you for making it super easy


She is very genuine and transparent

This podcast has been a game changer for me during my journey to financial freedom. She is very genuine and transparent about the mindset that it takes to achieve FIRE. I love her passion for helping women become financially independent and it really shows through all the amazing resources she provides. Her budget worksheet helped me start on the right path to get there. I like the she loves to get feedback from her listeners so that she can generate content they want to see or hear in the future! I personally have recommended her podcast to so many of my female friends and even promoted in my non-profit organisation.

Maria Belen Barrera Girl on FIRE Listener

Very informative and helpful

This podcast is super empowering and every woman (or anyone) could benefit by listening to this! Priya knows her stuff and is very easy to listen to. I've learned so much from her. I love the touch of feminism in this, too.

Morgan Pearson

She makes it easy to understand

I just started listening but she make it all that stock lingo easy to understand. She giving tools that help build our own independence and empower women all at the same time. Keep leading and growing!!! 5 stars.

Erica Duff

I love that it’s a woman teaching me.

So easy to understand. I love that it’s a woman teaching me. She is great at communicating clearly and thoroughly. I’m brand new at this and will be listening to all episodes.

cleaning gal

I like hearing a different way of thinking about budgeting.

I stumbled upon this podcast yesterday and I’ve listened to most of the episodes already. The speaker is very engaging. I like hearing a different way of thinking about budgeting. I haven’t gotten into investing yet but look forward to planning my future.


Super informative!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Even though I'm from the US, I get a lot of value out of it and it's interesting to hear about similarities/differences in investment vehicles between the US and Aus. I love the "financial feminist" message as well!

Erin Confortini

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